How’s Your Couch Smell Today?

SONY DSCFurniture smells after a while.  Smells worse if you have a kids (sweaty teens, dirty feet, questionable underthings) or pets.  Back in the day, we used Lysol until Febreze was invented.  I used to buy Febreze because it used to work better than anything else on the market.

Anyone else notice that it doesn’t really do anything anymore?  And worse, notice you can’t buy refills anymore?  So they took out the ingredients that worked and continued to shoot themselves in the foot by making the consumer buy less for more money.

I don’t think so.  I started making my own.

1 tbls baking soda (that kills smells)
1/4 cup Downey (because it smells nice and will soak into the furniture but not stain it
2 cups water

Now that works just fine, but I have this thing about scent.  A lot of soapmakers are all about beautiful soap.  I have seen such gorgeous soaps that you would weep to even consider using them on your filthy plebeian skin.  Yeah, I have tried to make my soap pretty, but when the chemical magic is happening, I care about scent, not looks.  If I can add either color or smell, it’ll be smell every single time.  So here’s my trick, I stopped using Downey a few months ago because Suavitel smells better and makes clothes smell nicer a lot longer.  They stay smelling nice in the drawer, not just until they cool off from the dryer.  Speaking of Latino products, I recommend Fabuloso too.  It doesn’t have a strong chemical odor like 409 and it cleans everything better.

And my final trick for homemade Febreze?  Add some lavender scent from Brambleberry.  Lavender has traditionally represented everything clean and fresh.  It sticks longer in the furniture and combines REALLY well with the smell of the Suavitel.