Ode to My Truck

SONY DSCThat WAS my truck–but not in a bad way.  It was not stolen or sold or totaled .  Matter of fact my 2002 Fronty has precious few scratches on it.
Where is my 2002 Nissan Frontier right now?
Paint shop.  Chris Cruz Artistry, to be exact.  Yes, I’m one of those people who didn’t get the color they wanted off the lot.  I wanted yellow, the dealer had no yellow.  All sold out.
“We have red!”
“I hate red.”
Specifically, it’s lava, but yeah, red.
Is it going to come home yellow?  WHAT?  Now look, if you’re going to spend the money getting something custom painted, I fully believe you need to get that bad boy CUSTOM PAINTED.  No, it’s going to come home Black Cherry with sparkles and a ghosted dragon on the side.
I have fond memories of my childhood in the 60s and 70s, looking into the deep deep paint jobs of Corvettes and Novas and all the custom well-loved cars had glitter inside the color.  It was like falling into a sky full of stars.  I want that glitter.  I’ve never been a big fan of Candy Apple Red but Black Cherry?  Oh yeah, I love the changing color aspect.  And glitter?  Listen, I grew up in St. Louis.  Even the sidewalks glitter there.  Glitter is my middle name.  CinnamonGLITTERbite.  Yup.  Black Cherry sings to me of classic cars, muscle cars, all those good times we used to have in our vehicles back before they became the identical plastic looking pods of today.   You used to hear the good cars coming down the road a mile a way.  There was nothing like the sound of a big block or a hemi.  Muffler?  Glass packed mufflers and jacked up rear suspension.  A quiet engine was a slow engine.  One of the first mods I made to my truck was a new intake and exhaust.  I tell people that I got rid of it’s Japanese accent.

Yeah, I go to car shows and I luvs me some old cars from the late 60s, early 70s.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCYou  just can’t have too much flake

SONY DSCSo why not spend the money on a classic car instead of the expense of repainting an old truck?  Because I just had my truck checked out by a mechanic and he said he couldn’t find a thing to replace or repair.  My fluids are the exact right color (yes, I check them periodically), my hoses are supple delights, the pistons sing my name in a mechanical song of joy…ok, he didn’t use those EXACT words but it was pretty damn close.
And I have 46,000 miles on it.
Yeah, I drive it!  It’s been to South Carolina, across the state several times, to the Keys a few times, up and down and around.  I just don’t need to go that far every day so…46,000.  Can you find me a classic car in that condition?  Nope.  Plus, what car can haul whatnot in the back (Christmas tree?  Just toss it in the back.  Furniture?  Toss it in the back.  Going to the city dump?  Toss it in the back.), hit puddles after a hard rain, sit up higher in traffic, and have big KC lights on the front of a cow catcher?   For sure not a ’71 Chevy Nova, and that’s a fact.  The biggest thing is, I drove that Fronty off the lot, new.  I know exactly how it’s been maintained.  I do not have someone else’s problems to fix.  Spouse bought a used car last month.  The previous owner put all kinds of wicked swirls and scratches into the paint.  I’ve spent a lot of time with the Porter Cable 7424xp, the Meguiar’s 205 and 105, and the orange and white hexlogic pads to polish up someone else’s nonsense.  You know how many swirls are in my paint?  None.  What I got are scratches from the parking lots (doesn’t matter how far away you park, some chowderhead is always going to squeeze up next to you) and rock chips and a teenage son who scratched up one side with his bike (hence the dragon decal to cover it).  10 years of driving happened to my truck.  It’s no Garage Queen, it’s a Daily Driver.   Plus, it’s been paid for, for 5 years.  I think I’ve earned MY freakin’ choice of color for once.

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So that was my truck.  It’ll be a whole new piece of art when I get it back for Christmas and best of all, it will be unique and truly MINE.